March 29, 2012


This is a disclosure of http://www.yourlifetube.com. This disclosure stands effective from the 28 day of March 2012.

This website is a collaborative blog. As such, its contents are collaborative contributions from a group of individuals. Hence no one person can be held responsible for the messages, advices, comments or personal opinions contained on this blog. As a result, you are advised to conduct your own due diligence before taking action on any information picked from this blog. We, the owner (s) of this blog cannot, also, be held responsible for the positive or negative rewards that may result from such action.

Please bear in mind, at any level of activity on this blog, that it accepts compensation in the form of cash, advertising, sponsorships, paid links, or any other form of compensation the owner (s) deem fit. To this end, you are advised to note that the compensation received may influence the advertising contents and/or topic, including the posts made in this blog. However, while we strive to maintain an honest relationship, opinion and reputable identity, we will always identify such content, advertising space or post as a paid or sponsored content. This is as part of our commitment to help our blog visitors/readers in making a more informed decision.

The owner(s) of this blog do not receive any compensation for presenting their views on products, services, and websites or on various other topics that may be featured. If any recommendations are made with regards to any product, service or website, please note that it is strictly because the owner feels that using such services or products will benefit blog readers/visitors in general, as of the time of making such recommendations or endorsement. distance calculator Whether perceived as experts in any field, probably due to professional advices or posts, or not, it is advised that any claim, statistic, quote or any other positive or negative statement made about a product or service, be verified with the manufacturer or provider prior to taking actions on them.

In conclusion, it is good you know that this blog is free from any content that might pose some conflict of interest. If you have questions, of any kind, regarding this disclosure or the blog as a whole, please write to yrlifetube[at]gmail.com

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