Beachbody Review And Discount Codes

November 24, 2015

Beachbody has created one of the country’s most popular weight loss and in home fitness solutions. It was founded in 1998 by Carl Daikeler and Jonathon Congdon. Beachbody has a wide array of popular programs, many that have become household names including: P90X, P90X2, Slim in 6, Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs, Body Beast,  Yoga Booty Ballet, RevAbs, and ChaLEAN Extreme. All programs combine challenging DVD based home fitness programs that utilize your body weight. Also combined are the easy to follow guidelines, proven nutritional supplements, and a helpful online support system.

BeachBody Coupon codes

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Beachbody adheres to four core values:

  1. A commitment and delivery of promises
  2. To treat people with respect and be courageous forthright
  3. To encourage initiative and seek improvement in everything.
  4. To work with passion, enthusiasm, and common sense.

Beachbody markets through many venues including mobile, print, and online. It offers the most innovative, results-oriented programs with skilled and motivated trainers. Its main purpose is to help people achieve their goals in order to enjoy a fulfilling, healthier life.

Why is the Beachbody program so successful?

Each product is promoted and developed with a team of experts and are thoroughly tested before being sold to the public. The common theme and approach to each of the products, while they vary in disciplines, are all realistic. If a person goes through the program, and works consistently, they will be very satisfied with the great results. The fitness programs also offer closed-captioning for the hearing impaired. The fitness DVDs also offer the option to turn music on or off to suit the preference. The success trickles down for the top. Co-founders Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon are heavily involved in the creation of the different products. It should also be noted that Beachbody is one of only 65 organizations in the world that is recognized for outstanding ethics and professionalism in email marketing practices.  This is one out of more than 1,000 organizations surveyed in a 2004 Email Best Practice Study.

Best Sellers

P90X – The revolutionary program created by Tony Horton, which transforms its users in just 90 days.  Incorporating what is called “muscle confusion”, the body will not be allowed to adapt to the new routines.  This will lead to bigger gains and better fat loss.  P90x uses short training cycles that constantly change and challenge your muscles with variety and intensity.  It also maximizes fat burning and muscle sculpting in different ways every day.  Since there is no plateau effect, each phase of P90x is as effective as the first.

Unlike many other programs, P90x has a very detailed plan in place to help the body adjust to the different weeks of training.  These will not only help the person lose weight; it will also help in the intense training to reach the top fitness goals.  The user will get 12 highly diverse and intense P90X workouts to help sculpt the different muscle groups and different fitness characteristics.  A detailed fitness guide, a P90 X calendar, and 24/7 online support is needed.  The best part is that no expensive sports equipment is required.  The only thing required is a small space, a set of dumbbells, a pull up bar, and an hour a day.

Insanity – This program promises after 30 days, the user will be much leaner, faster, and stronger.  This is the same system that the world’s top athletes use, a cutting edge sports performance technique called the athletic Matrix.  With this training method, all of the muscles are worked from every angle through different non-stop series of sports drills.  With the different heart pounding works outs, the person’s body will transform almost instantly.  Explosive power, speed, and agility will be gained.  The best part is that no exercise equipment will be needed.

Tai Cheng- If one wants to feel much younger, Tai Cheng is a great option.  Tai Cheng will help unlock the body’s potential and help one rediscover the strength and energy one may not have felt in years.  A natural approach helps restore the body’s youthful range of motion and help reduces pain naturally.

Tai Cheng works by using something called Dynamic Motion Control which helps one master a total of 18 key healing movements of Tai Chi in just 90 days.  Though the program takes 90 days, one will feel the benefits almost immediately.  A more active life with less pain will be attained.  With more activity will come a better overall feeling, health, and well-being.

What are the benefits of tai cheng?  More agility, more strength, and mobility will be attained almost immediately.  Tai cheng is easy to follow and also easy to master.  It was developed by Dr. Mark Cheng, a martial arts master who has over 20 years of experience teaching Tai Chi.  Dr. Cheng developed the breakthrough method of Dynamic Motion Control which was a common sense approach to physical training that makes it easy for even the beginning students to master the basic movements of Tach Chi.    Also incorporated in Tai Cheng are classical Tai Chi Techniques, ancient Qi Gong Practices, and 21st century sports sciences.

Weight Loss

TurboFire – is an intense 90 day cardio conditioning program that will help one get leaner.  TurboFire burns up to 9 times more fat and calories than any other regular cardio regimen.  TurboFire classes incorporate something called Fire Drills, also known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  The drills help push its users to a max up to 1 minute bursts with quick recovery periods.  Studies have shown HIIT helps ignites the metabolism which will help enable the body to burn more calories for up to 48 hours after the workouts.

Rev Abs- This program can help one get the sexy six packs that is so hard to get.  Rev Abs uses something called Abcentrics, a technique that has been proven to fire the abs to get maximum results.  Once this is mastered, one will be on their way to a great looking six pack.  It was designed by famous fitness trainer Brett Hoebel.  The abdominal muscles are worked at different angles in order to ensure maximum tension and engagement.

Slim in 6 – This will help reshape the body in as little as 6 short weeks.  The secret to this is Debbie’s slim Training Techniques, which will help combine fat burning cardio with light resistance moves to help slim and sculpt the body without bulking up.  The result of slim in 6: shrinking midsections, and slim, sexy things, hips and arms all in 6 weeks.  What are the 3 easy to follow workouts for amazing body slimming.  Start it Up introduces the basic slim training moves to reshape the body.  An accelerated workout called, Ramp it UP!’ which will help burn more calories each day to accelerate the rate of fat burn.  “Burn It Up!” will also take slimming and toning to the next level to complete the body reshaping.    There are also some great tools included such as the Simple Steps to Success!  Guidebook which will help the user get the most out of the program for the best results.  A Motivational Calendar will help the participant track the progress, and a Slim Tracker will enable the user to keep track of the inches that will melt away.

Hip Hop Abs- Hip Hop Abs will help a person get in amazing shape in a fun but intense training routine.  With Hip Hop Abs, one can get into amazing shape in a fun but intense training routine.  With Hip Hop Abs,4 amazing  routines are included.  Secret to Flat Abs helps target the upper abs, lower abs, and obliques, all while burning fat.  Fat Burning Cardio, will help burn calories and shed fat in a fun fashion all to the popular music of today.  A step by step nutrition guide will unlock the secrets on how to lose weight while not having to sacrifice delicious foods.

Beachbody Pros and Cons

There are mixed reviews for BeachBody.  This could be due to the changing work environment where there has been constant change.  This change has likely hindered success in the customer service department.  Customers have complained on various things such as wrong packages being sent and overcharge.  If anyone uses BeachBody, it is important to monitor the charges from the credit card to ensure the correct amount is charged.  It is also imperative to check the package to ensure that everything you purchased is included.  A positive review of BeachBody is that once things are found to be erroneous, the customer service team is rather helpful to fix the problem, but the customer must be active in checking whether or not the order and charges are correct.


  • Felicia September 3, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    Hi Elena,
    Thanks for sharing with us the BeachBody Coupon codes! Two of my sisters are into losing weight regimens right now, and I believe they have Hip Hop Abs and P90X.

    • Elena Anne October 7, 2012 at 2:48 am

      They have great exercise routines to get exactly the results you want.