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Exercise with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that affects people’s joints and limbs, limiting their ability to move freely and partake in daily activities as the average person would. Exercise may be an important tool to alleviating some of these symptoms, allowing one to regain their autonomy and relieve themselves of the obstacles and hindrances that... Read More »

All About Tai Cheng

If you are the type of person who jumps around from Zumba to yoga to kickboxing, then you may have another form of exercise to add to your fitness repertoire. Having a diverse fitness routine keeps exercise both effective and fun. If you have not yet heard about the art of Tai Cheng, then you... Read More »

Yoga as a Remedy for Insomnia

Sleep is one of the most important components of your day and life in general. It is essential for proper brain functioning, health and energy as well. Most of us have busy days that are jam-packed with events and activities, leaving us little time to de-stress and rest. On top of that, getting to sleep... Read More »

Common Running Injuries: Prevention and Cures

Running is a great tool for staying trim as well as for cardiovascular health, in general. Running offers the benefits of promoting increased lung capacity and even prevention of many chronic diseases. It is a go-to form of exercise for many and has almost a cult following in terms of how true runners LOVE to... Read More »

Top 10 Home Workout Mistakes

For those who are dedicated to getting fit and squeezing in a daily workout no matter what, home workouts are a great way to do this. You don’t always need advanced gym equipment in order to get an effective workout. DVDs and portable equipment have made this possible. If this is your preferred workout method... Read More »

6 Simple Ways to Exercise While Watching TV

This is a great guest post offered by Aditya Samitinjay, a medical student who writes about mental health and life style in his personal blog LikeLiteLife.in. He is sharing with us a batch of practical tips on how we can burn some calories as we sit in front of the TV. Take it on Ad!... Read More »

The Benefits of Dance Exercise

If you find your regular treadmill or elliptical routine monotonous, then you may find dance to be just your answer to an exciting, new cardio routine! Not only is dance fun and ever changing, but there are also great benefits to the activity. Whether you are a follower of the Zumba trend or admire the... Read More »

Are You Overtraining?

If you are regularly active and take pride in calling yourself a “gym rat”, then give yourself a pat on the back. Working hard and pushing yourself to your limits takes incredible strength both mentally and physically, however there is a point where training too often or too intensely may become a problem. Overtraining occurs... Read More »

How Exercising can help you Quit Smoking

By now, we know that smoking is an absolute health hazard. Everything from pre-mature aging to serious fatal conditions, such as lung cancer, can be a direct pathway for smokers who cannot seem to kick the habit. Quitting is no easy feat for sure, but it well worth all of the hard work and your... Read More »

Balance Training

Some of us have always deemed ourselves as clumsy individuals, and although it may not seem like something critically important, balance is actually a key component to daily activities. If you are already active, then you probably have more balance than you think, at least more than the average inactive person. This is because exercise... Read More »

6 Week Running Program To Reach 30 Minutes of Continuous Jogging

Jogging is easy. Let’s make it easier Hitting the road is not always that simple. Even if you are determined to start a program, once you begin you get frustrated, feeling uncomfortable or unable to complete it. Being sceptical about whether you can make it or not, totally makes sense. This is why I am... Read More »

10 Myths and Truths about getting Washboard Abs

For fitness buffs and couch potatoes alike, we all seem to have the fascination of the ideal physique. Often, this ideal, no matter if you are male or female, curvy or athletic, is centred around a great set of abs. Whether you admire the girl in the bikini on the beach or the model in... Read More »

6 Common Cardio Training Mistakes

Cardio exercises, such as the treadmill, stationary bike, StairMaster, elliptical machine, and spinning classes are a common part most people’s workout routines. People who want to lose weight and/or enhance their endurance usually focus on cardiovascular exercises. In this article, we shall discuss six common cardio mistakes that people make regularly, so that you can... Read More »

7 Reasons why People Yawn During Exercise

During exercise, we may experience a few embarrassing bodily functions, from burping to passing gas, while holding a strange yoga position. Although it may not be at the top of the list of embarrassing things to do while working out, some find it quite strange that they are more likely to yawn throughout their routine.... Read More »

Burning Feet While Running

Athletes and runners involved in various types of sports often suffer from a condition called paresthesias. Athletes suffering from this condition feel a peculiar burning and tingling sensation in their feet. Apart from athletes, people can face this problem by walking, standing for long time periods and even sitting. Nature and severity of the condition... Read More »

Heart Rate Training Zones: Get the best results

Getting the most out of every minute of our exercise is important, not only for purposes of personal progress, but for our hearts as well. No matter which exercise routine you select as your favorite, achieving the ideal heart rate throughout is important to how your body will respond to the movements. Coasting on your... Read More »

Beachbody Review And Discount Codes

Beachbody Review And Discount CodesBeachbody has created one of the country’s most popular weight loss and in home fitness solutions. It was founded in 1998 by Carl Daikeler and Jonathon Congdon. Beachbody has a wide array of popular programs, many that have become household names including: P90X, P90X2, Slim in 6, Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs, Body Beast,  Yoga... Read More »

Benefits of BCAAs: Hints And Tips For Max Advantages

Branched-chain amino acids are a popular muscle builder that is used by athletes and nonathletes alike. For those looking to get into shape, whether it be a little toning up or extreme muscle building, these protein chains are important to achieve these goals. They can be found in your nearest GNC or supplement e-shop as... Read More »

7 Common Gym Mistakes

If you work out regularly, then you should be very proud of your accomplishments. But, even if you feel that you are a gym pro, there may be a number of common errors that you make that you are unaware of. These issues may seem minor to you if you have been getting along just... Read More »

Exercise and Arthritis: Prevention and tips

If you are an avid exerciser, then you are probably familiar with the aches and pains that come along with staying fit and in tip top shape. For those of you have chronic pains from conditions such as arthritis, you may be deterred from partaking in regular exercise because of your persistent pain. There are... Read More »

Headaches and Exercise: Causes and Treatments

If you are one of the many who has committed themselves to getting fit and healthy, the last thing you may want to deal with is exercise-related pain, especially headaches. When you have a headache, it feels like you cannot do much of anything, let alone continue to workout. To make sure that you are... Read More »

Proper Breathing while Running

We all know that running is a great form of cardiovascular exercise for the entire body. Although some of us may not consider ourselves true runners, if you participate in the activity at any level, it is important to learn how to breathe properly. Everyone from treadmill joggers to cross country athletes can benefit from... Read More »

Causes and Treatment of Exercise-Induced Anaphylaxis

Many people are familiar with the term anaphylaxis in regards to severe allergies. Maybe they know a child with a severe bee allergy or even someone who has allergic reactions to shellfish or peanuts. What many have not heard of is something called exercise induced anaphylaxis (EIA). This is when people can suffer from circulatory... Read More »

The AM Workout: Working Out Before Breakfast

Many of those who are regular exercisers know that there is a common understanding that the time of day and proper placement around meals can be have a crucial impact on the intensity and effectiveness of your workout. Some prefer to eat a little something before they work out for added energy while others swear... Read More »

Menstruation and Exercise: Is it okay?

Symptoms of Menstruation that Make it Difficult to Exercise Exercise is hard enough. Even though you know you should do it, it’s hard to get motivated to head over to the gym.  But when you have the symptoms of menstruation? Who wants to do jump and jacks or push-ups when they feel bloated? Even before... Read More »

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