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Vegans & Vegetarians

Causes, Symptoms and Consequences of Iron Deficiency Anemia

Anemia is a common health condition, and although there are different causes and categories of anemia, one of the leading causes is due to iron deficiency. With the many supplements and nutrition information that we have available to us, there is no reason why people should not be able to manage their iron deficiency anemia... Read More »

Kale-The Vegan Source of Antioxidants

Kale is a leafy green and is part of the cruciferous vegetable family which includes broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, collards, and Brussels sprouts.  Kale is an outstanding source of many nutrients, most notably vitamins A, C, and K.  Due to its supreme vitamin K content, kale has also shown great ability as a natural anti-inflammatory source. ... Read More »

Which Are The Nutritional Needs For Vegetarians

Over the past several years, vegetarians have become far more than a small minority of eaters. This conscious approach to diet and living has become increasingly popular and for good reason. Although, vegetarians may have a healthier diet overall, compared to meat-eaters, there are still various nutritional holes that this group needs to be sure... Read More »

Sea Vegetables

If you are the average health-conscious person, then you may have had periods where you fall into a food rut, especially when it comes to vegetables. There are but so many salads and veggie casseroles that you can re-mix to try to fit in your full daily serving, while keeping it interesting at the same... Read More »

Weekly Diet Plans For: Vegans and Semi Vegetarians

Weekly Menu for Vegans Caution: It is designed specifically for those you who want to abstain completely from animal foods. Consult your doctor if you:  Have health issues  Often feel dizzy  Have a family history of osteoporosis  Have pain in joints  Are in menopause  Try to get pregnant  Have abnormal menstruation   Monday Breakfast: Wheat... Read More »

Vegan Health Concerns

If you have chosen to live a vegan lifestyle, chances are that you are pretty health savvy and aware of many of the nutritional aspects of food. Because of the overall lower saturated fat intake, vegans and vegetarians tend to have a healthier diet, one that contains lots of fiber, folic acid, vitamins and other... Read More »

Soy Protein Powder Supplements

If you are a breakfast shake or post-workout shake lover, then you are probably familiar with soy protein. Besides being low in fat, cholesterol and lactose, soy protein is ranked high regarding PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score). Because of its natural content, soy protein is a great option for those who are lactose... Read More »

Chia Seeds

If you remember the “Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia” anthem song for the once popular Chia Pets, you may be surprised to learn of its recent return to popularity for a different reason.  The infomercial famous Chia seeds are actually now considered one of the new superfoods. The seed comes from the Salvia hispanica plant, which is a member... Read More »

The Truth About Soy Milk

Soy milk was once thought of as a mere substitute for vegans and the lactose intolerant. The idea that a vegetable can produce milk may not be welcomed by all, especially meat-eaters, but now of days, people are changing their minds about soy milk and other soy products. It is no longer for one group... Read More »

How Vegans Can Get Their Required Amount of Complete Protein.

Protein the Basic Building Block Protein is an extremely important part of the diet since it is the building block of skin, hair, nails, bones, muscles, cartilage, and blood. Your body needs protein in order for different processes as building, repairing, and remodeling tissues. Protein also helps make hormones, enzymes and other body chemicals. Protein... Read More »

Vegan & Vegetarian: Similarities and Differences

What is a Vegetarian? A vegetarian is someone who practices a plant-based diet (which includes nuts, vegetables, fruits, etc.) but excluding from all types of meat, meaning poultry, red meat, and seafood. This diet may or may not include dairy products or eggs. Some vegetarians may also choose to obtain from the by-products of animal... Read More »

Muscle Building For Vegans: The optimal diet

We all know that the muscle-heads we usually see at the gym are pumped up with all sorts of protein, from dairy-loaded shakes to flavorless chicken breast. There are ways, however to get a healthy dose of protein for vegans who want to gain lean and healthy muscle mass. There are myths, even within the... Read More »

Black Currants & Alzheimer’s Disease: The Super-Fruit Your Brain Will Thank You For

This month, a food to familiarize yourself with is the Black currant (Ribes nigrum). These cousins of the gooseberry (Ribes uva-crispa) originate in Europe and northern parts of Asia and while they are less popular in America, recent studies have acclaimed the super-fruit for its health and healing properties. These berries are packed with Vitamin... Read More »