Dark Under-Eye Circles
Wellness / November 27, 2015

If you suffer from dark under eye circles, then I am sure that concealer is your best friend. But besides being a master of hiding these imperfections, you should also learn about the specific reasons why you might have them. There are several different explanations as well as misconceptions out there and here, we will attempt to set some of them straight.

Reasons for your Under-eye Circles

Genetics: Many people understand that heredity plays a large role in whether or not someone will have dark circles, among other physical attributes. The thinness or transparency of your skin is often a family trait and therefore, thin skin under your eyes will allow for dark rings to form. The reason is that blood-filled veins in that area give off a purplish tint.

Home Remedies for Dark Eye Circles
Wellness / November 27, 2015

As mentioned in a previous article, there are many reasons as to why dark circles appear under one’s eyes. Some people are simply more prone to them due to genetics and other factors, but not to fear, there are plenty of ways to remedy these unattractive circles. The ones that will be mentioned today are actually those that can be done from the comfort of your own home.

7 At-Home Remedies

Many of these listed remedies require a little bit of skill in the kitchen as they are mainly concoctions made from common household ingredients. Not

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only are they yummy, but they are effective too.

Water Retention: How To Alliviate
Wellness / November 27, 2015

Water retention (edema) is a common issue that many women face, especially. For most of us, it is a minor issue, however if you continue to suffer from water retention on a regular basis or to the point of extreme discomfort, you should consult your physician. There may be a number of potential reasons as to why you are prone to water retention. Some medications or medical conditions, themselves may be the culprit.

Common Causes for Water Retention

  • Menstruation: Many women experience water retention prior to their menstruation, during (PMS)
  • Pregnancy: While pregnant, the body also tends to hold onto fluids to keep mom and baby hydrated.
  • The Pill: This oral contraceptive can also cause water retention if it contains oestrogen
  • Medications: Drugs like antihypertensives (blood pressure med) and corticosteroids can also cause retention.
  • Hot weather: To prevent dehydration, your body tends to hold onto fluids during the summer and in warm climates.

Restless Leg Syndrome
Wellness / November 27, 2015

If you have never heard of or experienced the symptoms of restless leg syndrome, then consider yourself  lucky. Many people suffer on a daily basis from this condition as it impairs one’s ability to get a good nights rest or be comfortable at any point where symptoms may kick in. To better understand why you may be experiencing this condition, you should familiarize yourself with the various causes, symptoms and treatments so that you no longer have to suffer.

What is Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)?

RLS, also known as “shaking leg syndrome”, is a condition that is diagnosed mainly through its symptoms, as it is difficult to pinpoint one particular cause. It is often categorized as general leg pain that occurs during periods of rest, usually in the evening or at night. As you may have guessed from the title, people suffering from RLS often do so while their legs are at rest, so the pain tends to dissipate as the begin to move their joints around. RLS tends to progress over time, so symptoms may get worse as someone ages, however it can and does occur in children.

Overcoming Aerophobia And Flight Anxiety
Wellness / November 27, 2015

A fear of flying ranks pretty high on the list of common phobias, but what some may not know is that there are natural and effective ways to get rid of the fear and fly high without any worry. The scientific name for a fear of flying is pteromerhanophobia, also known as aerophobia. There may be other associated fears and indicators that could lead one to this specific fear, and being knowledgeable about these associations can help with the treatment process. Although flying may seem like an easily avoidable task for some, avoiding so will only be limiting to the person with the fear, throughout their life. Going away on a honeymoon, business trip, vacation or even a funeral for a distant relative can all be made easier if you nip your fear in the bud.

Seasonal Hair Loss: Causes and Treatments
Wellness / November 27, 2015

With the colder climate approaching, there are obviously some health

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related issues that come along with cooler weather. Although seasonal hair loss may occur during any seasonal change, it is most prominent as the winter months near. Especially if you are in part of the world where you experience drastic seasonal changes, your health and your body can become caught off guard and you may start to notice certain signs that your body was not ready for the blistery weather to come. One of the changes that some people experience as the seasons change is hair loss. If this describes your situation, then do not worry much longer. There are a number of causes and treatments so that you can combat this issue, which may otherwise seem inevitable.

Asthma & Coffee
Wellness / November 27, 2015

Millions of people around the world suffer from asthma each day. With wheezing and tightness in the chest, asthma symptoms can really interfere with everyday activities and tasks. Asthma is a chronic disease that affects the lungs by narrowing the air pathways, making it difficult for a person to breath freely. Asthma usually first occurs in childhood and persists in adulthood.

Asthma acts as an allergy as there are certain triggers that can initiate an attack. Because the airways of an asthmatic are usually inflamed, external factors can irritate it further and cause a full-on asthma attack. Over time, people suffering from asthma seem to understand the pattern of their attack triggers and therefore know which activities and environments to avoid or when to take their medications. Unfortunately, although asthma

can be tamed well, one never gets rid of asthma all together. For this reason, it is important to do things to avoid and treat these attacks as well as learn about he relationship between asthma symptoms and other external factors that are in your control.

Adult Acne: Causes And Treatment
Wellness / November 27, 2015

Many people think of acne as simply another factor of an embarrassing part of puberty. For this reason, many acne

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products are targeted at teenagers and do not necessarily address the concerns of adult acne. Many adults deal with acne throughout their adulthood and understanding the underlying causes and differences between this form and the pubescent kind is critical to treating it properly. You may not be made fun of in the lunchroom as if you were back in high school, but dealing with acne as an adult can feel just as embarrassing. Your skin is the primary factor of your physical appearance and therefore clear skin is one big step in the right direction.

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away
Wellness / November 27, 2015

Most of us love the summer months as it is a great chance to be outdoors, more active, and have BBQs with our friends and family. There are some downsides though, especially if you live somewhere that has tons of mosquitoes! These little pests love the summer as well, especially because they get a nice juicy meal as we are exposing more skin. Some people may not be bothered as much by mosquitoes, but others get large itchy bumps that can ruin the outdoors for them. In order to make sure that your summer is the most enjoyable, here are a few tips to keep these bugs at bay.

Native Remedies Coupons
Wellness / November 27, 2015

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Native Remedies Products

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Insulin Resistance
Wellness / November 27, 2015

With the many chronic health conditions and epidemics now of days, it is important to educate ourselves on the risks of these concerns. Insulin Resistance is something that is directly impacted by our diets and those that are prone to being resistant can avoid further illness by being especially mindful of their diet and other lifestyle factors.

What is it?

The pancreas created a hormone called insulin, which is responsible for producing energy out of glucose that is stored in the body. Glucose is a sugar that serves as the body’s main source of energy. After a meal, glucose enters the bloodstream and is then known as blood glucose (aka blood sugar). It is then the pancreas’ responsibility to secrete insulin so that this blood glucose can be used for energy. Insulin Resistance occurs when the body produces insulin, yet does not know how to properly put it to use. When it cannot be recognized, the pancreas wants to overproduce the hormone, which can lead to an excess amount of insulin in the bloodstream. This effect is extremely problematic as it can be the cause for Type II diabetes and other heart conditions. To avoid these further issues, it is important to learn about the signs of insulin resistance so that you can be proactive in your health.

Top Health Risks of Obesity
Wellness / November 27, 2015

By now, we have all heard through media and other health professionals about the astounding epidemic of obesity. With programming such as HBO’s recent “Weight of the Nation” series, it is apparent that obesity is invading much of the population and is starting to have even larger impacts in the broader healthcare arena. This epidemic is one that bleeds into a host of other medical conditions and is often a co-morbidity that accompanies heart disease, diabetes, and many other chronic diseases. If you have consistently struggled with your weight or are currently obese, it is important to learn about these many risks so that you protect yourself from further health damage. Even if you, yourself, are not affected, more than likely you know someone who is obese and you can pass this crucial information onto them. Not to mention, the growing epidemic within the greater epidemic, which is childhood obesity. As we raise our children in an age of fast food and processed EVERYTHING, it is imperative to prevent further cases, so that we can ensure a new healthier generation.

Easy Steps to Stop Biting your Nails
Wellness / October 14, 2015

stop Biting your NailsWhether due to stress, boredom or out of plain habit, nail biting is a nasty routine that wreaks havoc not only on the appearance of our hands, but on some of our health outcomes as well. Many people who bite their nails begin doing so in their early years in childhood, although it often does span into adulthood. Though this may seem as a harmless habit, there are some severe health risks that have been associated with this behavior. In fact, many people who do have a serious problem with nail biting don’t even know that they do. To learn about some of the ways you can stop biting your nails, read on for some step-by-step tips.


Nail biting is usually due to external factors that illicit the behavior. Some of the most common causes are stress, boredom and anxiety. You may notice this in the classroom, workplace, etc. While some of these triggers may be situational or emotional, there is also a connection with nail biting and certain psychological conditions like OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Some research has even indicated that there may be a genetic indicator for those who become nail biters. The following are some of the main causes:
  • Stress

Remedies For Dry Eye Syndrome
Wellness / June 9, 2015

Whether you have allergies or simply suffer from the change in weather as the seasons transition, having dry eyes can leave you scratching and rubbing excessively when there is in fact a way to treat this concern. Dry eye syndrome occurs when your eyes consistently lack enough lubrication, so this goes beyond the seasonal allergy. Some people simply do not produce enough tears while for others, the environmental factors may be the cause. Either way, there are treatments and home remedies that may help you to prevent further suffering from dry eye syndrome.


Hand Sanitizer and Bacterial Resistance To Antibiotics
Wellness / June 1, 2015

Now of days, just about everyone carries around a container of hand sanitizer in their pockets or purses. Meanwhile, most public restrooms have their pumps filled with antibacterial soaps. This idea that we must “protect” ourselves at all times from the dangers of bacteria, may actually be hindering our health. Yes, it is important to be clean and mindful of our hygiene, however, there is no need to go overboard by using antibacterial every five minutes of the day. Learn about the ways you can sufficiently have proper hygiene without experiencing the harmful side effects of overuse.

Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers usually contain an alcohol, usually ethanol, which kills both microbes and bacteria. Researchers at Johns Hopkins actually claim that these sanitizers are better at killing microbes than antibacterial and plain soaps. Another perk is the fact that sanitizers absorb extremely quickly and that makes it so that bacteria have a limited amount of exposure. This limited exposure makes it less likely that the bacteria will become resistant. The other thing is that most hand sanitizers work by use of the alcohols and not antibiotics, so microbes and bacteria that are killed off, will still be susceptible to antibiotics.

Causes and Health Risks of Snoring
Wellness / June 1, 2015

Snoring may seem like a mere nuisance to those who either do it themselves or suffer through it while lying next to a partner at night. Believe it or not, snoring can actually become a true problem depending on the cause and impact on your quality of sleep and overall health. To assess whether you have a true issue with snoring, learn about some of these causes and risks to help you get a better night’s sleep and a better grip on your health overall.


In general, the cause of snoring is usually due to a physical obstruction in the nasal passage or in the mouth. In other words, something is physically getting in the way of your ability to breathe properly while you sleep.

A deviated septum may be one reason why people may experience snoring. This condition means that someone has a curvature down the middle of their nostrils, limiting air flow through one pathway.

10 Steps to Reduce your Risk for Breast Cancer
Wellness / June 1, 2015

The prevalence of breast cancer has become more wide spread over time and because of this, the disease is more relevant and on people’s radar. As breast cancer awareness month begins, be sure to educate yourself on some of the risks and preventive measures to take against breast cancer. Even if you have no family history or are male, you will still want to learn some of these methods, as we all are likely to know someone affected with breast cancer in our lifetimes.

Risk Factors

The important thing to remember when discussing risk factors is the fact that these are components that increase your likelihood of getting breast cancer. This does not necessarily mean that you must have all or even any to get the disease. Rather, these are elements to consider as you begin to take the steps in reducing your risk.

Understanding Chlorine Rash and Learning How to Deal with It
Wellness / June 1, 2015

swimming pool When summer is over, people are just really looking for some exercise. The best way to have fun and get in shape safely, is to take a dive in the public swimming pool. However, even if you go to a private club’s swimming pool, it could be possible that the water is treated with chlorine in order to kill the bacteria that are at times present in the water.

Furthermore, the amount of chlorine in the water is greatly increased to match the amount of people that are expected to bathe in such waters. That’s why in places like public swimming pools, water parks and even hot tubs, chlorine is actively used to eliminate bacteria that might start growing there. On the other hand, even though it is an effective disinfectant, chlorine in the water may irritate the skin of anyone who comes in contact with it.

How To Avoid Hangover
Wellness / June 1, 2015

If you consider yourself a party animal, chances are that you have probably experienced a hangover at some point in your life. Whether it is during crazy college nights or once in a while events like weddings or birthday bashes, if you consume alcohol in excess quantities, you are prone to a hangover. Usually the symptoms of a hangover include a headache, dizziness, nausea and even overall aching of the body the day after consuming alcohol to the point of intoxication. Sound like fun? Well, to avoid these unpleasant symptoms, learn about some of the ways to ease a hangover. While these tips may not cure or work for everyone, they are sure to work for someone who has had one (or a few) too many drinks.

Tips to prevent hangover

  • Consume a small amount of alcohol
  • Drink in moderation, NOT to the point of intoxication

Insulin Resistance Treatment
Wellness / June 1, 2015

In a previous article, we mentioned the critical nature of the condition, insulin resistance. Not only is the illness dangerous in itself, but there are various other diseases that have been associated with it. Here, we will further the discussion to integrate treatment options and plans. Although insulin resistance can be a serious health concern, there are ways to treat and reverse the symptoms.


One of the primary factors that are associated with insulin resistance and its treatment is diet. Because the body is having trouble metabolizing sugars and carbohydrates, especially, it is important to be mindful of your intake of these components. Dr. Cheryle Hart has written a book called “The Insulin-Resistance Diet: How to Turn off Your Body’s Fat-Making Machine.” Her theory is that rather than eliminating carbs and sugar completely, you should maintain a healthy ratio of these elements so that you do not have an excess amount built up in your body. She recommends 15g of carbohydrates to every 7g of protein. People with insulin resistance should not consume more than 35g of carbohydrates within a two-hour period, so meal planning is also an essential part of a successful diet that will reverse the illness.

Hike Your Way to a Longer and Better Life
Wellness / June 17, 2012

Nick Sotos from OutdoorGearMadness.com is our guest writer today and he is sharing the importance hiking has on the wellness and quality of our life.

Did you know that physical activity could actually make you live longer? Contrary to what most people believe, genetics, eating the proper food , and clean living are not the only factors that contribute to increased life expectancy in an individual. Being outdoors hiking can make you live longer. Being physically active for even an hour a day, 7 hours a week will lower your risks of early death by a good 40%, as compared to someone who only manages to remain active for less than 30 minutes in a week.

Let us take a closer look at exactly how outdoor activities and especially hiking can make you live longer and better.

Sun Exposure Allergy
Wellness / May 24, 2012

There are many different allergies varying from those originating from nuts to pets. One allergy that you may be less familiar with is one induced by sun exposure. Although more rare than other allergies, this one can still be as severe and it is a good idea to learn about it as the summer approaches so that you can save yourself or someone else from suffering if need be.

What is a Sun Allergy?

Many people who experience an allergic reaction to the sun break out into a form of a rash. There are different forms of this reaction and it occurs when those prone to the allergy break out into hives and experience itchiness and redness that accompany them. The reaction may happen in a matter of minutes of sun exposure and can dissipate within a day or so after the sun exposure stops. In the most severe cases, it is even possible for people to experience anaphylaxis if enough skin is exposed. Most people with the allergy, however, experience the reaction on their face where they are most likely to get the sun exposure. It is important for those with suspicion that they might have a sun allergy to be properly diagnosed so that they can protect themselves and cover up to avoid such a reaction.

Homeopathy VS Antibiotics
Wellness / May 19, 2012

Antibiotics may provide symptomatic treatment, but people who take them tend to have recurring infections. In contrast, homeopathic medicine aims to treat the symptom but strengthen the immune system.

 Antibiotics abuse

The discovery of antibiotics in 1940 significantly reduced the problems and deaths from infectious diseases caused by bacteria. However, during the decades, almost all clinically important microbes around the world have become resistant to antibiotics. The two main reasons for this are, first, the increased and indiscriminate use of these powerful, broad spectrum antibiotics to treat infections and secondly the inappropriate use of antibiotics in inappropriate situations, such as to treat viral infections like the common cold. The resistance to antibiotics, which is considered one of the most important problems of public health, has led to nosocomial infections cause approximately 37.000 deaths in Europe every year.

7 ways to alleviate Constipation
Wellness / May 13, 2012

It may be an embarrassing subject, but constipation is something that most people will deal with at some point in their lives. For some, depending on other health conditions or factors, they may be faced with constipation more often and therefore need a real solution and straightforward advice on how to deal with it. Of course if your symptoms persist or are chronic, you should see a doctor for appropriate treatment. In the meantime, here are some at-home tips to

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integrate into your lifestyle to prevent and alleviate constipation.

The Truth About Cellulite
Wellness / May 7, 2012

Any woman, no matter how petite or voluptuous, may be prone to experiencing unsightly cellulite! It is something that we fear all year round, but especially during bathing suit season. Most don’t know exactly what causes cellulite, but they know that it is embarrassing  and stubborn as even the most vigorous exercise does not seem to make it budge. The truth is that cellulite is the result of fat deposits just below the skin which cause the not-so-cute dimpling effect on parts of the body such as the belly, butt and thighs. Although there is not one clear and direct path to cellulite city, there are a number of explanations that may cause one to have it. On the other hand, there are also a number of technical and natural remedies to alleviate yourself from the “cottage cheese” effect.