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Vitacost Coupon Codes March 2015

Vitacost Promo Codes

$5 Off Your $55 Order


$15 off $100 purchase


$30 off $180 purchase


70% on 800+ select Vitacost brand products. Free shipping. Activate offer here


Save an extra 15% on ORGANIC products


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15% Off Sunwarrior Protein!


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15% Off Bars and Shakes


Company Profile

Vitacost Company started its operations as nature’s wealth company in 1994, at this time it was only a catalog retailer of third party vitamins and supplements.In 1999 Vitacost launched Vitacost.com and expanded to include beauty products, foods and sports nutrition.

Later in 2008 Vitacost company constructed a manufacturing facility in Lexington, North Carolina and in 2012 it agreed to lease all its manufacturing facilities to a third party provider.

Vitacost went ahead with its quest for expansion.In 2010 it expanded its west coast facility located in Las Vegas. The company’s east coast facility located in Lexington, North Carolina was not left out and in 2010 it was also expanded and upgraded.The expansion of both its west coast and east coast facilities enabled Vitacost to provide redundancy even in cases of work interactions due to causes such as power outages.


 Vitacost has continued to strive so as to give its customers the best experience and has introduced many products such as pre and post nutrition workout formulas, flavored glutamine, creatine, branched-chain amino acids among others

 This company is a leading retailer of various products some of which include vitamins supplements, mineral supplements ,herbs, amino acids, metabolites, cosmetics, organic body products, personal care products, pets products, health food,and sport nutrition products. Vitacost sells these products online and directly to consumers through its website www.vitacost.com. The company offers a broad selection of high quality products to its customers and also ensures timely and accurate delivery of products.

Prices and Discount Coupons

 Buying health and fitness products at www.vitacost.com will not only see you get quality products but will also have you save upto 50% cash. To ensure it offers the best customer experience Vitacost merged with Kroger co. It now officially operates as a wholly subsidiary of Kroger Co. It’s only a vitacost promotion code that fully satisfies aesthetic and health related goals. Prices are already low but customers are also given the option to use promo codes for further discounts. You can find $10 – $40 off depending on how much you are spending on your order.

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